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A fast-talking parapsychologist. An occultist beyond compare. An engineer without limits. A decorated veteran of the U.S. Marines. Over three decades ago, these four misfits changed the world forever when they unmasked the world of the undead. Since then, the small business they founded together has grown into a transnational corporation with an absolute monopoly on paranormal investigation and elimination. From New York to London to Tokyo, the Ghostbusters have become a household name.

But while the company celebrates its newfound success, a new threat is lurking just over the horizon. Boston, the once-tranquil City on a Hill, is now menaced by ghosts of every shape and size. Platoons of undead redcoats march down the old cobblestone streets. The ghosts of commuters past haunt the city’s twisting maze of subway tunnels. The legendary Curse of the Bambino has returned to Fenway Park—along with Babe Ruth himself. And in the darkest depths of Boston Harbor, an evil of indescribable proportions grows in strength.

With the city’s police helpless against the ectoplasmic menace, who are the citizens of Boston to call? Enter you, the proprietors of Ghostbusters International’s latest franchise. Armed with state of the art ghost-hunting technology, you and you alone stand between the Hub of the Universe and a disaster of biblical proportions. You will face the twisted spirits of the long deceased, shambling abominations against both God and science, and bureaucrats. Lots and lots of bureaucrats. But hey, at least the pay’s alright.

Have fun, and remember not to cross the streams!

Home Page

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